Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hangovers, hand armatures and hand drawn animation.

Greetings friends,

this being my first blog entry I believe I may skip the formalities and jump straight to the interesting junk... what I'm currently working on.

My 2d run cycle is currently chugging along smoothly, some 25 frames out of 41 in (see below) and I'm immensely enjoying the experience that comes with animating by hand, even if my animation desk is getting really hot from its light, and feels like a frying pan...

Untitled from Michael Greaney on Vimeo.

mm smell that hand bacon...

Claymation is another new thing i am currently experiencing, and the entire process has really made me admire the skill and determination of studios like Laika (I know its technically not clay, shuddup) or Aardman, needless to say Im loving every moment of the experience, the medium is like crack cocain, and the more I have the more i need.

the hand of satan
the hand that just wont stay attached, next time im makin hand armatures...

Somthing especially fun about the clay/puppet medium is the constant environment of problem solving that it entails, if you're not rigging somthing, you're trying to optimise your lighting, while trying to attain believable movement blah blah blah...

a rig worthy of a drunken engineer, thats right ladies 100% chicken wire...


thats it from me for now, im tired and i still havn't got onto my 3d work yet... and ive gotta finishes those pencil tests and paint backgrounds and edit alterna.......... zzzzz

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