Sunday, March 7, 2010

2d or not 2d... an essay discussing poorly thought our shakespear parodys in the 21st century

He is "El Chupacabra" and he's after the blood of your chickens.

The images above are two comparisons of the same (or similar) character that ive been knocking about lately, I love the design but unfortunately i honestly cant imagine what story he could really be used in...

On the plus side however I'm choosing to use Ol' El Chupacabra here, as the basis of a comparison that I've been mulling over in my head as of late. Hi, for those who dont know me im in my final year of an animation course, which I rather enjoy, and part of this final year is the fact that we must produce a peice of work that according to lecturers will "define us for the next 5-10 years" now i don't know about you but that seem like a tad bit of pressure.

I'm not the kind of guy that usually stresses about this sort of thing, or any sort of thing for that matter but I'm having a tad bit of trouble choosing the medium that I wanna work in...


I love 2d animation, since i was a kid ive been drawing on things, drawing comic, drawing penises on tables in school, and drawing on my arms in sharpie because im forgetful and I'm too indecisive to decide on the tattoo i wanna get. Now this great love of drawing has led me to the obvious realm of 2d animation:

proof of my stupidity from Michael Greaney on Vimeo.

spin that shit up mofo

now the obvious positives of the 2dementional realm are the fact that i can go as insain and fucked up with it story wise as i want and still plausibly be able to produce it. Negatives are that everyone does 2d, so if the story doesn't straight away pop and draw the audience in you'll be forgotten and left sore and bleeding on the way side.

Claymation on the other hand is awesome and i love it, but its costly and extremely time consuming. Of course obvious advantages are that you are given a lot more leeway by audiences because for some reason they seem to appreciate the tedious nature of the medium.

The old man and the shipping crate from Michael Greaney on Vimeo.

A combination of the two would be the greatest thing ever, but unfortunately ive only got the short side of about 18 weeks to crank this out, and I'm not a magician.

so umm yeah...


  1. Think of the story and then decide on what medium I'd say. The story is the most important thing. Let your mind go wild and see where it takes you.

    Also : you could do a combo of both - look at Chowder for an example. The stopmo in that is awesome.


  2. good thinking man, i do love me some chowder