Monday, May 3, 2010

In Which Our Hero Sets Out on a Crazy Mission...

Ok, let me paint the scene.

I've been awake for 40 hours straight, doing homework and screaming unnecessarily at my ds because a farfetch'd, the coolest most completely useless creature, wont appear on Pokemon Soul Silver (turns out you can only catch em during the day) I'm running largely on caffeine, tic toc biscuits and my own desire to see a particular assignment done and out of the way.Needless to say I'm not exactly in a prime mental state...On my desk next to me is a copy of Pat Grants "Lumpen No.5" ( i slowly pull my glassy eyes away from the monotonous after effects assignment and stare madly at the zines beautifully stylised front cover. I sit transfixed for a good 10 minutes, running through my mind are stories from the wheeler center earlier that week, brave tales of self publishing comics, giant screen prints and various types of stationary.
Suddenly my eyes dart to a framed poster that has sat on my wall for the last 3 years ( as quality framed posters do)
and it's at that moment im struck with an idea...A voice in my head ringing out...

"Hey Greaney, Why don't you draw every single person you know onto a poster like that? That could be fun..."
It seemed genius! and why not? I drew my class in year 10, why not draw everyone i know it's the next logical step. I immediately tweeted this amazing idea and found approval form two uni mates, and my magical quest began.

I appreciate that it will be flat out impossible for me to draw everyone I've ever met in my life, stupid too, so I've devised a series of quest rules which must be followed to the tee, under penalty of disappointment in myself. These rules involve the people that have right to be drawn and the rules with which the work should be carried out.

1. I have to draw everyone that I am in contact with at least once a week. a list will be made.

2. All people i have called friend in the last 3 years must be drawn.

3. All people that have had a lasting impact on my life, (that i have met in person) will be drawn.

4. All family members and pets will be drawn.
5. a minimum of two drawings per day must be sketched out and placed onto the board (see above image) (addendum- unless the time spent drawing interferes with MP production schedule)

6. all drawing must be stylized versions of the people they represent, no cutting corners, if the drawing doesn't resemble the figure it shall be removed and redrawn until such time as it does.
7. Unless requested, all poeple mentioned in rules 1-4 must be drawn. people my request to not be drawn (that's fair enough)

Wish me luck kids...

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That's my reward,

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  1. greeeannnyyy!!! That's a great post, I rather enjoyed it. I Hope I will be included.. I'm pretty sure I see you around once a week. Just your standard ah.. standard blogspot comment!