Thursday, February 10, 2011

Absence, Animations and Another Relevent A-word...

Its been too long since i last updated this ol' blog o mine, but after graduating uni, starting freelance work, working a day job and preparing a film for festival submissions, I've been somewhat sans time lately...

But I'm back and excited to show some things in the coming weeks.

like this:

So... Last year I graduated from RMITs Animation and Interactive Media with my grad film, a Stopmotion-Animation sitcom-parody about a regular slacker, dealing with his overly conservative father and a baby sitter that, well, isn't quite right.

Did i mention that the slacker is Jesus, God is his businessman father and the baby-sitter is the newly reformed Satan?
Cue: Hilarity... Or at least i hope so.

So basically as of now-ish most of my festival submitting for the film is complete and i'll be back bringing you comics. soon.

Man, it feels good to be back.
Mucho Luv Y'all.

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